I'll Have a Big Mac and a Pino Noir

At McDonald's in Asheville

With Amy and Jason Howard

August  2008

After the elegance and opulence of Biltmore Estates and the Grove Park Inn, NOT was not ready to go back to the boring common life. So if he couldn't beat it, at least he could join the two for a moment.

So on the way out of Asheville, it was time to catch a quick lunch. At McDonald's.   But this McDonald's is different. It's one of the most unique McDonald's restaurant in the world. It's probably the most elegant fast food restaurant around. Being across the street from Biltmore, it has to be.

Asheville McDonald's

Soft lighting greets you as you sit and consume your meal.

McDonald's Ceiling

Elegant fireplaces sit in the wall, echoing the architectural marvels NOT had recently seen.

McDonald's Fireplace

And there's no Muzak to be found here. No orchestral arrangements of Guns N Roses. It's live music all the way.

McDonald's Piano

Yup, McDonald's serenades you with live music from their player grand piano. Tres chic!

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Photos courtesy of The Howards

Last Updated September 2008