Seattle Call

Seattle, Washington

With David Backman and the Sherman Family

August  2007

NOT has been all around the world, including down under to New Zealand. But when his friends the Shermans: David (Zim) Sherman, Gail May-Sherman, Levi Sherman and Kayla May, told him they were moving to New Zealand for good he knew he had to join them on their farewell tour of the Pacific Northwest. While he had been there once before with David, you never know what new you will find, and how much things may have changed.

But first a wake-up, and what better way than to go find the original Starbucks, with local Michelle Anderson to help guide him, he found his goal, got his latte with some espresso and that perked up his feathers and eyes.  "How long has that mermaid had such large breasts?" the newly awake NOT wondered.

As a city grows, you do a lot of building. But why build out, when you can just build right over what was there. Saves money dragging things away. So Seattle has an extensive old city underground. You have to walk though - there is no underground railroad here. NOT felt like he was on Futurama exploring Old New York.

Every city needs to have water to survive, and even the old lines are here. The original water system now leaves something to be desired.

Original Seattle Water System

Besides you need lots more of water capacity when you introduce toilets.  Now Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet, but as a businessman he did help popularize the item.

Crapper Flushing Toilet

While there is debate about Thomas' name and the relevance to toilet synonyms, he did put his name proudly on the product, so you knew you were using a "real Crapper"

Crapper Flushing Toilet Tank Sign

Going above ground, but under the bridge the gang remembered what lives under bridges - trolls!  This rather large one holds a VW bug in his grip so you know he's a big one. 

He didn't frighten Gail May-Sherman though, she took the starch right outta that troll, though NOT said that this was "snot funny!"

Seattle Troll Nose

In the Fremont district of Seattle there is the self-proclaimed "center of the universe" marked with its own rocket. The rocket bears the Fremont crest and motto: "De Libertas Quirkas" (Freedom to be Peculiar), which NOT heartily endorses. Laser pods are in each fin and the nose, and steam vapor leaves the base when in launch mode.

Fremont, Seattle Rocket

"Houston, we have a very Peculiar Location" The sometimes called "People's Republic of Fremont" (don't tell Cambridge, Mass. who also are felt to be another People's Republic), gives some visual representation to this People's Republic with Lenin still standing guard (over a Taco Stand). This doesn't stop Vladimir Lenin held NOT in the grip which he threatened to crush capitalism.

Fremont, Seattle Vladimir Lenin Statue

As if giant trolls and granite Lenins don't already clue you in that time is different in Seattle, you can orient yourself using the public art sundial in Gas Works Park. Let me see, add 2, carry the 3 and it's sometime in the day.

Seattle Gas Works Park Sundial

Zim finds out that NOT is not a watch-duck and can't adjust for daylight savings time.

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated August 2007